Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

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Today, I will show you how to install your CentOS Web Panel (CWP) in your CentOS 7. With that said, here is the action plan below:

  1. Install your first CentOS 7 Virtual Private Server.
  2. Create a swap file.
  3. Create an FQDN for our hostname.
  4. Install CentOS Web Panel (CWP).

What is CentOS Web Panel

a Free Web Hosting control panel designed for quick and easy management of (Dedicated & VPS) servers.

In this example, I will use Digital Ocean as our VPS provider, and if you wish to create your own account, you may use my referral link

If you are ready, let us get started. First, click on Create > Create Droplets.

image-9 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

From here, you should have the option to select your desired Distribution. In our case, choose CentOS 7 x64.

image-10 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

Choose your desired plan. In this example, I will choose the $10 plan for now. Do not worry, you have the option to upgrade as desired.

The $10 plan should include 1CPU, 50GB of storage and 2TB of Data Transfer (Outbound) .

image-11 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

Next is, you will need to select your desired Data Center location. In our case, I will choose Singapore, which is the closest location in Asia.

image-12 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

You should have these options below:

image-13 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

Private Networking

— Private IP Address in Digital Ocean network.


— You have an IPv6 for your Droplet (VPS).


 — Simple tools in monitoring your Droplet (VPS).

For example:

image-14 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

As you can see above, you have your own IPv6, Private IP address, and Monitoring tools.

Once completed, you have the option to select your desired hostname as shown below:

image-16 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

Hostname is your desired name for your Droplet (VPS). In this case, I use

From here, click on Create.

image-17 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

At this point, you should have your own active Droplet (VPS) as shown below:

image-18 Install your CentOS 7 (VPS)

If you reach to this point, great job. In addition to this, you should received another email from Digital Ocean with your Droplet root credential.

Great Job.

Next step, we will need to create a swap file for our Droplet

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